Seattle/PNW group buy interest

At the Seattle meet-up over the weekend, we discussed the idea of a group buy to save on shipping and reduce the carbon emitted on parts coming from Berlin. With the protected battery boards expected soon, I thought it was a good time to see if there’s interest in a Seattle/PNW group buy on these new Reform components.

Additionally, if you had small parts you wanted to get but couldn’t justify the shipping cost, this might be a chance to add those as well. If you had considered upgrading your trackball cup, side panels, or wanted a new set of keycaps this could be a great opportunity.

Please note that this is a service I’m providing for people in my vicinity, i.e. the Cascadia region. If there’s demand for other regions of the US, we can explore that opportunity later.

If you’re interested in participating, please reply in this thread and I’ll talk to Lukas about how we can make this work and what the pricing will be. For Portland people or users elsewhere in PNW, I can offer to ship your goods with USPS Priority Mail using flat rate boxes (you’ll owe me for the domestic shipping). Otherwise, plan on picking up in person from me in Seattle, or I can bring to the next (TBD Q1 2023) Seattle meetup for you.

Yes please. I’m in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island but happy to come down to Seattle and pick up (I’m in town once or twice a month anyway).

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Definitely interested in group buy options, upgraded battery board for sure, possibly a few other parts.

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I already ordered a few things last month to make the shipping worth while, but I’d be interested in a group buy for future parts/upgrades.

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I’m bumping this for visibility. Anyone else interested speak now or forever hold your peace. I’ll follow up with Lukas next week to see what we can do about grouping the orders in one shipment and DM interested parties with more details on how we can make it happen. Thanks!