Seattle/PNW/West Coast group buy Spring 2024

Hi Reform ppl,
Hope you’re all having a great spring so far. We’re getting close to the launch of the exciting new RCORE upgrade, so I thought I’d float the idea of another group buy in the coming months. I’m talking to @minute about how to best make this happen.

Like last time, parts would ship directly to me in Seattle, and depending on your location I can either hand off (Seattle, Portland usually one time per month), or USPS Priority Mail to you (WA, OR, CA, or another adjacent state in Pacific time, only please) for the cost of shipping and any additional packaging. I do this as a service to the community on my own time.

Who would be interested in getting some new Reform parts? cc/ @khm @bkeys @Rdb @vagrantc @klardotsh @jcstaudt

would this apply to only the RCORE update? that would make sense since the pre-order grouping and stuff.

To clarify this would be for any MNT parts that are in stock or close to production, not just RCORE.

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oh that would be great, I’ve had my eyes on the protected battery boards and steel side rails for a while. I’m also in Co which is outside the range though :C

I am absolutely interested, located in Seattle.

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