See planned projects

is there a way I can view planned features?
On the Website under News, the news seem a little bit older.
On Git-Lab I only see sources.

Is there a way one can tribute to the actual reform Laptop, I have seen the Arch thread, but nothing has come of it yet. If one were to figure it out and write a manual for arch, would it be added to the official GIT-Lab or does it have to be somewhere else?

The reason I’m asking: I have seen the Tread with the CPUs but it disappeared. I have seen the FPGA approach and the L… processor. Also that inclusion of the Pi-Module is planned. I have also read that you communicated with Intel, but they don’t wanna work with you.

If I have understood it correctly, you are trying to have the Reform as modular as possible, so I can upgrade easily, right?


Hello! There should be a big blog post coming soon to the MNT site. Lots of things are in motion and so expect lots of updates!


So the mnt website is the best news-source?
Is there a way one can tribute to the actual reform Laptop?

I am in no way officially associated with the project, but I’d guess that you would register on the Gitlab instance, await approval for your account, and then issue pull requests. Alternatively, you could pull whichever git repository is relevant to your efforts, generate some patch files with git diff, and then email those. The benefit there is you don’t have to wait for an approval that may or may not ever arrive.

Anything about the Pocket MNT Reform?