Sleep reform automatically while closing the screen

Hi there
Looking for a solution to have automatically suspend my Reform when I close the laptop I am implementing the next:

  1. Under sway I configured F1+F12 to execute systemctl suspend
  2. I glued two pads to the screen (see photo)
  3. When I close the screen F1 and F12 are activated simultaneously and, halas! My Reform sleep.

I used a white soft pad that I have around, for aesthetic I will change with black ones



Hahahahaha! This is brilliant! What an awesome mod! You really are thinking outside the box. I love it! :heart:


Initialy I was thinking the hard way:
Use a reed switch activated with a magnet and connected to the expansion port and implementing proper service in Debian to handle the full thing…sometimes is better to understand what do you want vs thinking in technology.


The only thing that worries me with this is the keys are constantly depressed while the lid is closed. Is this not going cause any problems?

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Might another solution just to have it auto-sleep after a period of idle time?

Or, as mentioned, use the GPIO, but have a simple Python script running (as a service) to check when it’s activated… I’d probably be lazy and have a momentary switch mounted on the outside, although a reed switch would be neater (albeit less flexible re alternative uses).

I removed some wool of the pad to maintain the pressure at minimum.

Probably after some closing cycles (approx 10 m :slight_smile: ) the two keys will fail, then you have to change it, nice time to practice with solder staff.

In the meanwhile I am designing the hi tech solution with magnets and no physical contact at all, but will take some time


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Really looking forward to seeing that!