[solved] LS1028A locks up after a few minutes


my LS1028A didn’t receive much attention in the past few months. I now came back to it to test the new reform-tools release but am facing the issue that after a few minutes of use (can be up to 5) the whole system locks up and switches off. My SSD has a blue LED on it which switches on once I power up the system and then stays on. When the lock up happens, the LED switches off, indicating that indeed the system completely died.

Is anybody else having issues like this? It happened with these kernels:

  • 6.7.9-reform2-2+reform20240327T174618Z
  • 6.8.12-1+reform20240605T104210Z

Temperatures were at 51°C according to /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone?/temp.

Could not reproduce this here so far with either kernel, so it might be something with your module/setup. Does this happen also without SSD / when booted from SD card? Maybe it’s something related to SATA power save mode or such?

Thanks a lot for finding the time to test this issue on your own hardware. I’m relieved that you were unable to replicate it as this indeed points to my specific unit being the problem and not some regression in the kernel. What makes this theory even more plausible is that my unit is one of the only three that does not have the bodge wire for jtag reset.

I will probably have to send in my LS1028A to MNT but will coordinate with Lukas to find a time when they are maybe a bit less busy than right now that all the Pocket Reform shipments are happening. :smile:

Can confirm my LS1028A is stable on 6.8.12-1