Source for Eremit 18650 batteries


My MNT Reform system shipped with the Eremit 18650 batteries. I noticed recently that the system was no longer charging two of the batteries properly (shown as missing). After purchasing a Nite Core charger, I was able to fully charge 6 of the batteries and two report Err on the charger.

I’d really like to get the same Eremit 18650 2000 mAh as a replacement, but they dont seem to ship to Canada. I’d hate to have to purchase 8 new batteries to have a matched set, but I may end up doing just that.

Just wondering if anybody has seen failure of the Eremit batteries after just a few months use? I was careful to not let them discharge without use, but can’t role out that I caused this either…


I have those same Eremit batteries in my Reform and have not had any problems with them. Going on 8 months now. I am very careful with them though. I always have the Reform plugged in and usually in standby. When I take it off the charger I monitor battery levels and never just leave it anywhere.

Awesome that your Reform came with them though! That is an extra 1,600 mAh that most people didn’t get with their Reforms. Unfortunately I am not able to help you with finding new batteries. The 2,000 mAh batteries were relatively new and not a common value for Lifepo batteries.

@2disbetter Thanks for your response. With some effort this AM I managed to find a source in Germany for 2000 mAh 18650 LifePO4 batteries that will ship to Canada. The shipping was quite dear however …

Just a side note that I tried the usual electronics shops in the Toronto area and nobody seemed to stock anything that could meet the same specs.

Not an endorsement, but the company I ordered from is called ENERprof - Your Source of Energy Solutions | ENERprof


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Yeah I am in Germany atm, so I got them from Eremit directly I believe. Still I have been very happy with the cells myself. Glad you were able to source some!!!

seems they aren’t available in the UK either, from some googling (or, more accurately, duckducking), they seem to be Germany only.