Sources for 3D Printed Parts

At reform2-3d-printed-parts · master · Reform / reform · GitLab I can find the STL files for the trackball, trackpad, and speaker mounts. But there does not appear to be any of the source files for any of these models, be they openSCAD or Autodesk or whatnot.

I was hoping to modify the trackball mount to include space for mounting chrome steel ball bearings, and while I could attempt to modify the STL it’d be much cleaner to change the source files. I was wondering if these sources were available?

As an aside is there also a reference to what heat fit brass inserts are used for the trackball assembly?

Here is the complete Autodesk Fusion assembly: reform2-case-sources · master · Reform / reform · GitLab

I can’t personally tell you if it contains exactly what you need, because I don’t have Fusion, but it’s certainly worth a look.

Also I recently wrote this assembly instruction file: · master · Reform / reform · GitLab

It starts with a table including the brass inserts, KVT 300113472 / Tappex HiMOULD 017/117