Standalone keyboard with integrated trackball


A new product request.

Can you release a new standalone keyboard with an integrated trackball like the one in mnt pocket reform

Thank you

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+1 to that and/or adding the integrated trackball to the standalone full-size keyboard. The trackball is one of my favorite parts of the reform.

+1, my perixx periboard broke recently (trackball no longer functions) and there aren’t many alternatives, especially not with a UK layout and a wire. It was really useful for carrying around, but it’s got a lot less useful now the trackball doesn’t work

trackPOINT option, please!

Another vote for a full sized keyboard with trackball. Heck, a numpad, proper cursor key/shift key placement as well for us touch typers. I would totally get a ‘full sized-fully featured’ mnt stand alone keyboard.

Yeah, the position of the cursor keys is one thing I don’t really like about the MNT keyboard. There have been many times when I’m typing and I accidentally hit the up-arrow rather than the right shift - and then I’m accidentally editing the row above.

+1 for this! Would make a great compact keyboard + mouse combo to travel with.

In many ways I could see the Pocket Reform keyboard being made into a standalone product. It would be great. Ideas, ideas!!!