Standalone pocket reform keyboard

Are there any plans for a standalone pocket reform keyboard? I use a Planck keyboard now, and that built in trackball is so cool. I’m excited for my pocket reform, but what about all of my other computers? :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried several wireless keyboards and they all sucked in one way or another or died early. The idea of a wireless keyboard by MNT is not new and indeed it seems to be a potential future project:

Knowing the quality of products by MNT, I’d definitely buy one of those if they become reality.

I didn’t even mean wireless, I just like “5x12 ortho with a trackball” as a layout

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id buy a (wired) mnt keyboard with trackball, especially a compact one. Such things are hard to find (most have trackpads which I tend not to get along with).

Yes, we would like to do a standalone Pocket Reform keyboard incl. trackball, potentially with wireless (BLE).