State of the upstreaming efforts

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I am interested in the state of the upstreaming efforts.

In the repository, there are various patches for original imx8mq SoC as well as the bananpi, plus a smaller patch set for the LS1028A.

I can tell that the patches are well maintained and updated regularly which is very cool for sure. Long term however, it would of course be best to have all the code in mainline. Plus that would make it easier for other distributions to support the device, too.

I remember reading about upstreaming efforts in one of the official updates from mnt a while back (although I can’t find the patch rn), but it feels like forever ago.

Is there still work being done on this? Is there anything a mere pedestrian like me can do about it? Like maybe there are some easy but tedious changes that need to be made to the code or something?

Note: When I’m talking about upstreaming, I mean to the mainline Linux Kernel. I am aware that other OSes are undergoing their own efforts to officially support the reform. And also that there are separate efforts for upstreaming to u-boot which is important, too.


As I have been rebasing the patch stack on each new kernel that gets uploaded to Debian unstable I’d certainly value any patches that make it into linux mainline.

Many of the a311d patches already are mainlined compared to a few months ago.

The big cadence patch for imx8mq is something that lucas stach wanted to fix but last i heard from them was in april 2022 and they are also only doing this in their limited free time.


The imx8mq patch for HDMI is currently at v12:

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Indeed I had forgotten that! Last year in August it was at v8 and I asked you whether we should use it instead of what we currently have.

@minute should we give it another try?