Sway Title Bar/System Bar Missing

I’ve just freshened up the Reform’s operating system with a quick sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade, as I have to admit I haven’t used it in a while, and now the Sway title bar is… gone. Missing in action. Absent without leave. Deserted. Scarpered.

I’ve got the terminal’s menu bar, that’s where it should be, and I can bring up the program list with Super+D and open additional programs which split the screen as expected… but the title bar - system bar, whatever you call the bar at the top with the NET menu and the time and all that stuff in it - is nowhere to be found.

I’m not a Sway user myself, so I’m not sure how to go about figuring out what the problem is and fixing it. Help?

You can temporarily solve this by downgrading libspdlog1 to 1:1.8.5+ds-3.

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In reaction to this post, I pinned libspdlog1 to 1:1.8.5+ds-3 using the instructions on this StackOverflow before upgrading Debian.

In short, this ought to do the trick for those who have not yet upgraded:

sudo tee /etc/apt/preferences.d/libspdlog1 > /dev/null <<EOF
Package: libspdlog1
Pin: version 1:1.8.5+ds-3
Pin-Priority: 999