Thank you from a non-twitterer

Hi there!

I’m excited to see a non-twitter way of engaging with MNT! I’ve been lurking daily on nitter for ~6 months now (and occasionally before that) and at times I really wanted to ask questions, comment, or just wanted to say thank you, but then twitter would be annoying, ask for phone numbers etc… so…

Thank you for building this.
Thank you for sharing your journey the way you do.
Thank you for the cute dog pictures!
I can’t wait to make this my daily machine!

By the way, I found out about MNT from the libre lounge episode with Lukas after which it took me about one week of mental back-and-forth to admit to myself that I really want this machine. I don’t think it’s mentioned on the general info page, so I thought it’s worth mentioning you got at least one customer that way. :grin:



that is exactly how I found out about the MNT Reform as well!

And if you would like to try a free and federated alternative to Twitter, you can use Mastodon and follow

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Hello! I echo many of these sentiments. It’s been fantastic to follow the progress on various social media channels. It’s with great anticipation that I await my MNT Reform. The thought and care that has gone into it shows.

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Another non-twitter user here! I was already glad to see the Mastodon account, happy there’s now a forum too for more thread-oriented discussions!


Also here after lurking on several Nitter instances for months. Excited to finally have a Reform in my hands in the hopefully near future. Already planned several mods like a wooden case, changing the keyboard and keycap layout into Dvorak and in the future experimenting with different SoMs or even my own once I get around designing these via KiCAD. On a different note I might also look into launching LinuxBoot from TF-A to use something like Heads on the Reform.


A wooden case would be awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing all the cool things people come up with.

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Hear, hear! This is the correct way of doing things.

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would be nice to have a section in the forum for everyone to show off their mods … I can see myself getting lots in this forum :3

Thanks MNT team for being so open about things. Everything you share makes me more excited about this project (wait was that a publicity stunt :laughing: ) … either or, I can’t wait to assemble and play with my MNT Reform 2!!!