The future of risc-v might be looking good

I found out there is a device already, the first or second risc-v laptop to be sold called:

Lichee Console 4A

Did a search today on Risc-V laptops and that name as well as an Alibaba laptop which no longer exists code named roma.

It seems its finally begun. Here is the link to the Lichee Console one though:

IMO the rapid development of the ISA risks making that laptop obsolete too quickly. The Reform way of having interchangeable compute modules strikes me as much more ecologically sustainable - the module can be cascaded into something else when it gets usurped from the laptop by successor RISC-V modules.

I wonder if the kickstarter visionfive-2 is any good then for the mnt reform devices.

Given the rapid development as you say and the ISA risks of Risc-V obsoleteness.