Travelling with the Reform 2

Hello everyone, my Reform, spends most of its time on a desk at home, but I’m planning to travel and would like to take it with me, so two questions:

  1. Has anyone experienced any issue with airport security just because the back of the laptop is transparent? Maybe I’m being too paranoid, but would not like to find this out at the last minute
  2. What bag are you using to carry your Reform 2


I have flown with Reform and the best thing is to approach the airport security person on the line directly and upfront about it. I was interrogated by German police once after I was flying with a Pocket Reform prototype and didn’t show it upfront, but it was fine the next time when I did.

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I have been through airport security with my reform once and got immediately interviewed by one of the officers. But instead of complaints it was a pleasant chat because the officer was interested in what kind of processor that has, if I had built it myself and whether it can run Dota2.


I’ve had no issues at all with US domestic flights or trips to the UK. One TSA agent was intrigued and asked what kind of laptop it was as I was placing it back in my luggage. I normally use the MNT pinatex bag for protection and place it in a laptop pouch in my backpack.

It’s an interesting notion that transparency arouses suspicion, isn’t it?


I flew with Reform few time, from Munich, Warsaw, and Canada: Ottawa and Toronto. I didn’t have problems, but usually get chosen for additional checks: nothing much, just swab checking for explosives (of Reform, not me :slight_smile: ). Transparent bottom doesn’t seem to make difference - I suspect atypical shape of batteries (especially on X-Ray) is a bit suspicious. I never had to present official CE document which I received with my Reform. And I agree that chatting with security personnel helps (we had some time when waiting for chemical analysis). German ones were interested when they heard that it’s device “Made in Germany” :slight_smile:
As a side note - last time in Munich my luggage was checked using new machine, the one resembling tomograph and not X-Ray. I had two laptops (Mac Book Pro and MNT Reform) and this time didn’t have to remove anything from backpack, nor had to go through additional checks.
I also read before flying to Canada that security there can demand turning on computer if they have suspicions that it might not be real device. So either fully charge device or have charger.
While I didn’t have troubles with airport security, my Reform led to some talks during conferences: both during PgConfEU in Berlin and PgCon in Ottawa I was showing laptop to interested fellow hackers :smile:


security there can demand turning on computer if they have suspicions that it might not be real device

That is actually true for all electronics equipment, especially camera equipment. Make sure you can turn all of it on. I had to do that on multiple airports involving different kind of gear.

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I honestly think you never will. It is not something the majority of people think about on their devices. As long as the device looks professional TSA probably doesn’t spend a minute even thinking about it.

I have traveled with the Reform only once in Germany so far. But I have a transatlantic coming up and it’ll be coming with me then. Of course once the Pocket Reform is out, it will replace the Reform in that regard, and the Reform will be staying home most of the time.