Turing RK1 module

I was wondering if it would be possible to use the Turing RK1 module in the Reform: Turing RK1 - compute module based on Rockchip RK3588

It’s a module with the RK3588 chip that MNT has been developing an adapter for. It seems to have the same connector as the Reform. I assume that some drivers will have to be written, but that is probably simpler than developing an adapter?

Sorry if my question seems naive.

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Hi, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. There is no standard pinout on these connectors, so the pins are randomly assigned by the vendors.

Our RK3588 adapter PCB will go into first bringup in the next few days.


That’s great news!

With regards to the random pin assignment, isn’t it possible to deal with this in software?

No, that’s not how these chips work. Many pads have fixed function assignments. Also, consider power and ground pins, which are analog and would cause magic smoke if mixed up. It’s the same like you can’t plug a battery the wrong way around and fix it in software. Or consider the difference between differential pairs for high speed transmission vs single or parallel low speed signals, and signal voltage levels.

Meanwhile, RK3588 MNT Reform became alive today minute: "it's here" - Mastodon