Uboot build fails due to build flags

I’m trying to build uboot for flashing to the mmcblk0boot0 boot sector and currently the build is failing. I’m using thereform-boundary-uboot fork and building with gcc11. It fails with “no arch armv5” and gives a list of alternatives. (armv5t armv5te, etc). I can’t seem to find where the build flags are set, certainly it’s not something as simple as a CMakeLists file. Can someone direct me to where the build flags are set or, better yet, a pre built image I can flash?

To compile u-boot from git, you need the following packages installed on Debian or one of its derivatives: gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu build-essential bison flex device-tree-compiler

And then you compile it by running:

cp mntreform-config .config
env CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- ARCH=arm make flash.bin

You can find precompiled u-boot as the artifact of the latest CI job here: Jobs · Reform / reform-boundary-uboot · GitLab

Or use a direct download link to the latest stable version (v3): https://source.mnt.re/reform/reform-boundary-uboot/-/jobs/artifacts/v3/raw/flash.bin?job=build

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