Uneven battery voltage

The voltage of one of my batteries - the top one in the rightmost column of the OLED - drops significantly faster than the rest of the batteries.
As I type this it is 3.0 while six of the batteries are at 3.2 and one at 3.1 (battery capacity is 81%).

My knowledge here is very limited. How should I interpret the voltage numbers?
Is this battery simply of worse quality than the others or are the batteries somehow unevenly discharged?

Try switching batteries and observe if the same battery will show the lower voltage again.
Might just be the controller, so more use and recharging will even this out after some time.

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Will try and see what happens. Thanks!

I agree with @morl0ck’s assessment. The voltage is also not super indicative of the level of charge. The batteries are fully discharged at 2.5V officially.

Now everything looks good: all batteries have the same voltage - 3.2. But I feel clueless, what was the actual problem here? (or was there even one?)

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The charging system on the motherboard has probably balanced the voltages.

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question: what does it mean that the controller has balanced the voltages and why did this happen when I changed position of the batteries?

My understanding of batteries is poor, any information or reference is appreciated.

The batteries need to be charged evenly. But the controller cannot charge them like this from the beginning because the all behave a little differently and have different charging states in the beginning. The controller will “learn” this by doing a few charging cycles and Monitoring all battery charges. So after some time/cycles the system is balanced and all batteries have the same charge.
I hope this simpl explaination clears it up a bit for you

Almost :slight_smile: But why did your suggestion - to swap the position of two batteries - work? From your explanation it sounds like it should have happened anyway…?

Not sure on this. It can be that the two batteries you swapped had charges, that balanced the system more after the swap. Like the controller had a more even distribution of charges now(higher and lower) and by that got it balanced faster?!
As I said, I am not sure on this explanation but it seems reasonable to me

Hmm okay. Interesting. Thanks for the explanation!

To me, “the battery” has always just been a % somewhere on the screen. I havn’t really reflected much about it. This computer has made the world a bit larger… :slight_smile:


The Battery consists alway of several cells. Usually they are stuck in one hunk of plastic with some electronic to monitor the charge. But you don’t see anything of this, lile you said, just a % on the screen.
Here you have all the cells visible(and changeable) and direct access to the controller, which can show you the charge for all cells individually. The Reform sure reforms a lot of computing thinking as well as understanding :slightly_smiling_face: