User feedback on the Pocket Reform

To those who currently have their MNT Pocket Reform: Could you please take a moment to share your initial observations and experiences with the device? I, and I suspect others, would be grateful for your time and perspective.

Specifically, I would be interested in hearing from those with substandard eyesight about how practical the screen size has been during usage.


My eyesight is very poor (-10 diopters each eye and astigmatism) though well corrected by glasses.

I mostly work in the terminal and can read the builtin screen well enough with a full screen terminal using the default font set to around 100x30 characters.

I touch type and find the builtin keyboard a little cramped. I think switching to the custom layout I normally use on my daily Planck ortho mech keyboard will alleviate some of that.

However, I’ve plugged the Pocket into my KVM where in works very well indeed with my 27" Monitor, trackball ergo mouse and Planck keyboard. It’s also plenty fast for what I do - programming in C and Lua primarily.

I just need to unbrick the keyboard when I get back from vacation to make more use of it :+1:


For the size, it is great. The keyboard is small, but I really got used to the layout very fast. For it’s size … the screen is great. Looks very sharp an clear. I love the trackball


Thank you. This information is very helpful, as my usage of the device will be similar to yours. I would be interested to know the amount of battery life you are achieving with that type of usage if you’ve been able to gauge it. I intend to pair it with a power bank during portable sessions anyway, so I suppose it doesn’t make much of a difference, but I’m curious nonetheless. Also, I’m pleased to hear you were able to utilize an external monitor. Thank you again for your valuable insights.

Wonderful. I must admit that the keyboard and trackball are among the most appealing features of the Pocket Reform to me, so thank you for sharing that information.

Neither of my older power banks worked with the Pocket, but I bought a 100W 20Wh UGreen PD 2.0 & PD 3.0 powerbank from Amazon for around $50 which certainly has enough power to fully recharge the Pocket once, probably twice though I haven’t measured it carefully with only the Pocket charging from it yet. From 100% charge and fully unplugged, I get close to 4hrs from the Pocket’s own batteries with very light use (terminal, neovim, firefox).

I’m sure, with the powerbank, all day use will be no problem at all!

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The pocket reform is probably the coolest computer i own. I love that i have source and schematics for the system controller and keyboard, and it is so very repairable/modifiable.

It’s also a great development platform for double checking that the code i write is portable to ARM. The keyboard takes some getting useful, but it’s so cute it’s worth it (and it’s a small change from the planck keyboard I use on my work computer)

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I only received my unit today so I don’t have much to say yet except that the screen is bright and easy on the eyes. The keyboard is tiny but nice to type on after some practice.

I only own some old laptops so I was not prepared in the charger department. I had to order a new USB C charger. I went with a UGreen as it seems to be a popular option around here.

I am positively surprised regarding the clarity of the screen. Mostly fiddle in terminal - hacking some rust using helix editor. Screen is much better than I expected. I am not a good typist but love the keyboard - size is obviously not large but grooves are nice. The trackball is quite precise - I use a logitech ergo mouse on one my larger computers - so comfy with trackballs. I love the metallic haptics of the case. While not being the typical “artsy” person strangely enough i like the selectable keyb lighting together with the (in my case) black chassis. Speed is somewhere around my raspi 4 but slower than my raspi 5 - so obviously not a threadripper competitor. I flip between my tuxedo 17inch i9 beast and my sweet hackable pocket reform - warmly recommended …