VAT on items in MNT Shop

I’ve been looking at getting a few bits and bobs from I tried choosing a few different countries for delivery at the checkout and I notice that if you select a country inside the EU, it says that VAT at 19% is included in the price. If you select a country outside the EU, the price is exactly the same, but it doesn’t claim to include VAT. Is this correct? i.e. the price without VAT is simply higher for non-EU customers?

And then onto the real problem… the UK. The shop lets you select United Kingdom as the destination, in which case it doesn’t claim to include VAT. In theory, if the shipment is worth less than £135, the seller is supposed to register to pay the VAT to the UK government, but I can’t imagine you’ve had time to mess around with that nonsense?

Hi, that is correct. The prices are the same everywhere, but in the EU, we include 19% VAT in the price, which means we make 19% less on EU sales. The idea is that it kind of evens out.

As the UK is not in the EU anymore, I would be surprised if we had to do anything VAT specific there, but I’ll have an extra look.