Video Chat Performance?

While I am still waiting for my DIY kit, I am curious on your experiences with video chat applications. Have you tried any video conferencing software (Jitsi, Zoom, Telegram, Element), and how was your experience?
I read that Zoom Web is problematic performance-wise on arm machines. Here is an alternative that installs the x86 version with box86 wrapper: GitHub - Botspot/pi-apps: Raspberry Pi App Store for Open Source Projects, I guess that would work on the Reform?

I have an idea what to do for my needs:
For the last year I have been using my smartphone as an external camera and microphone for my computer anyway (with DroidcamX), so I think I’ll just use the smartphone for Zoom and then cast the Android screen to the Reform as described here: How to Cast Android Screen on Linux | TechWiser
For screen sharing from my laptop, I’d then have to join from it with an additional session, but that’ll be ok.