VisionFive 2 RISC-V

RISC-V is the future.

Please help us get a computer based on RISC-V with fully open source firmware, drivers, and software.

Right now VisionFive 2 looks to be a great product and with the communities help it could be made more open source, with open source drivers and firmware.

FYI, there is a parallel thread in the Purism Forums.

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If someone comes out with a CM4-compatible module based on this chip it could very well work inside Reform…

Maybe I’m overly pragmatic, but I don’t think that the current RISC-V chips offer up much more transparency or utility vs well-documented ARM processors with open drivers and firmware (the devil you know etc). The exciting thing about RISC-V for me is that without having to pay for the ISA, chip makers may be able to get more creative and put out a wider array of processors.

Right now, the PowerVR GPU in the VisionFive 2 is still proprietary (is it mesa compatible?), as well as other bits like the memory controllers, not to mention the core designs themselves (who’s to say what gets baked in to those?)…all of this necessary hardware, despite the open ISA, has a lot of secret sauce inside. I think it’s telling that the VisionFive 2 board isn’t even open hardware, or at least StarFive has neglected to mention if it’s OSHWA-compliant or certified.

PowerVR GPU should be supported fine, its used in plenty of other devices (including some arm chips).

JH7110 Preliminary Technical Reference Manual including memory map

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