Website and Product Updates Thread

Hi, I want to kick off a new thread announcing significant updates to the website and new products, when they become available.

We recently completely overhauled our website with a new structure and navigation, and also unified the navigation of the shop. The search box on the main website can only find shop content at the moment, but this will be improved soon.

Today we updated the MNT Reform Documentation page with more links, incl. electronics sources for the subprojects and pre-built firmware binaries, as well as alternative operating systems: Documentation: MNT Reform—MNT Research GmbH


excellent, thanks!

for openbsd, it would be helpful to link to whatever the best current instructions are for installation on a reform, as the openbsd installation howto doesn’t (yet?) mention reform at all, and if i remember correctly there were many complicated steps unique to the reform, networking and gui don’t actually work yet, etc.