What is the mapping of the batteries and the status display?

I notice that the second battery measurement on the left column in the status display drops its voltage way sooner than all the other cells.

The battery voltage drops to 3.0V or 2.9V while the others still report 3.2V.
So I wondered whether I should replace it.

Which battery corresponds to which display slot?

Yes, you can replace a faulty battery, do not forget to disconnect wall power first, otherwise you’ll fry balancing resistors and possibly transistors.
Re battery order, I think this info is in the user manual.

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I know that I can replace the battery, the question was whether it makes sense at this stage.

And I have searched the battery section of the manual and could not find a hit how the representation on screen matches the pack order.

The leftmost group of four icons represent the battery pack on the left side of the device, and the top icon in each group represents the leftmost cell in each pack—assuming you look at MNT Reform when flipped on its back and the battery closer towards you.



I have a battery that systematically dies before the others (the top right one on the display), and I think I should definitely replace it.

Just switch two batteries and check if the “problematic” battery switches on the OLED too. For me it was not a dead battery → Upper left battery on OLED discharging faster - #3 by pcbnoob

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