What would it take: 3.5 Drive

Alright I have a question for those who have more knowledge of hardware than I: what would it take to get a 3.5 floppy drive working inside the reform?

You might be able to skeletonize an external USB floppy drive, not sure where it would fit though.

Like @mtm said, the main issue is going to be placement, for how thick the reform is there’s actually not that much room under it to fit a 3.5". You’d likely need to make a custom back plate to add the extra 5-10mm to fit a slimline USB floppy drive in. As for attaching it you could either take over one of the external usb ports, or a better solution would be to add a small USB hub internally and hook onto one of the two internal USB headers (right below the wifi antenna, one is for the keyboard and the other for the trackball). I believe there’s a post somewhere where someone made/found a suitable tiny USB hub that can be squeezed inside the case from AliExpress.

A USB attached drive would be most practical way of attaching the drive though, as there’s not really an LPC or similar bus to easilly talk to something like a Microchip Super I/O chip that includes a “true” floppy controller.

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