Where is my computer?

Past May 2021? My order was placed July 2020 so almost 2 years ago and got pushed back to July 2022 as well. Given the fact that I live a 3 hour train ride away from Berlin it’s a bit ridiculous that it takes that long. But so far every other order I placed at CS/Mouser went without issues. Only the Reform now takes almost two years and still nothing arrived nor did CS update me.

My estimate was based on the comment from @CliffyA. I’m surprised CS would ship an order placed months later before yours.

Yes I know. a bunch of people that ordered after me already got their devices apparently which feels a bit unfair but I guess CS logistics is to blame here.

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@MDr164 mind to share your order/configuration? Something special perhaps? I’m surprised that it didn’t ship yet.

It was just a boring DIY kit, nothing too fancy I guess? Will send you the order number via PN then but I already made peace with receiving the device late 2023 if CS continues pushing my date further into the future.

Using the stats that I have access to, I have compiled the following table:

Product QTY CS has presold QTY we have shipped to CS Delayed by us
Reform DIY Kit 96 97 (5 of these last week) 0
Reform Assembled with Trackball 40 35 5
Reform Assembled with Trackpad 4 5 0
Sleeve 50 60 (35 of these last week) 0
Handbook 54 60 0
WiFi card 114 200 0
Trackball Module 92 100 (45 of these last week) 0
Trackpad Module 53 75 (50 of these last week) 0
256 GB SSD 18 20 0
512 GB SSD 39 85 (45 of these last week) 0
1 TB SSD 47 60 0

If the data I have is correct, last week’s shipment of parts should unlock all remaining orders except for 5 assembled Reforms (with Trackball). These will be included in our next shipment to Mouser (shortly).


I know I’ve said it to Lukas before on Mastodon but I really want to underline more publicly how much I appreciate your transparency through everything, and doubly so with this post. Just an incredible amount of sharing that I truly appreciate (as I’ve told both you and CS - my grumbles are with their communication and their communication only).

Thank you, MNT team.


I placed my order in April this year directly on the MNT site as there were more choices than via Crowd Supply and seeing the Japanese keyboard in the “Mac OS on Reform” thread I had to have such a keyboard on mine. Looking forward to when it shows up.

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My order was placed on September 20th, 2021 and I just got a shipping notification and a tracking number yesterday on Tuesday, 31st of May.
Very excited to finally receive this hardware!


Nothing here yet, but the dates are yesterday and today, so I guess if I don’t hear anything by the end of next week I’ll try kicking them.

EDIT: Order date was October 2021

Just got my kit delivered! Can’t wait to start using it, although I’ll probably insulate the battery terminals (as detailed in Isolating battery clips) with heat shrink tubing first since the clips do sit very close to one another when the batteries are in place.


Just got my shipping notification for my May 4 2021 order, left Texas this morning on its way to Washington by Monday. Cool!

I’ll be tied up in the boatyard basically all of June but if I get some downtime cycles I’ll try to get it assembled and hang out in the rest of the forum a bit more!

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My trackball finally showed up, so my Reform is complete.

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Arrived in USA-WA. I’ve never seen quite so many packing peanuts in my life, but it looks like everything is here, including both trackball and trackpad!

Boatyard prep, haulout, and actual boat work (plus my Friday nights TTRPG campaign :joy:) have my schedule slammed for the entire month, but I’ll likely have a weeknight free this or next week to assemble this (and to apply Isolating battery clips straight out of the gate) and throw an OS (likely Gentoo, Void, or NixOS) on it to report back. Looks like I’m out of this thread now, though - see you all around the forum!


Got this from CS just now:

Apologies for the delay on your MNT Reform order. Your order was delayed in part due to the logistics of shipping the relatively large quantity of batteries included in each MNT Reform unit. Due to shipping restrictions on such batteries, your order cannot be shipped via our usual FedEx method and must instead be shipped via either DHL or UPS. Unfortunately, this means that we as the shipper won’t be able to pay VAT and clear your package through customs on your behalf. Instead, you will need to pay VAT on delivery and work with the carrier to clear the package through customs. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and will of course refund you any VAT we already collected from you.

Just wow. It could have all been so easy to just wait and order from MNT directly but now after two full years of placing the order on CS, them demanding extra VAT with very short notice and now not being able to declare it at all is just mismanagement on all ends. And to all access I now need to work with customs directly for a product from Germany which is being delivered to Germany via the US…

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I’ve had that as well, honestly I have no words for this. I think I’m going to cancel and order it directly from MNT.

Cancelling is not recommended, as there will be additional delays (months) when ordering from us vs CS, where you’ll get your device immediately if you’ve got such an email.

frankly I have no faith in CS anymore and at this point I’ll tolerate waiting a few more months to get it from source.

I understand your frustration, but I’ve been in contact with CS about this issue and I am sure that they will do as promised in the email.

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I have been receiving the same mail and been on the verge of cancelling, but since ordering directly from MNT again would be a whole new process and there is not really an alternative to the Reform for me in terms of an open laptop (although the Framework looks nice), I decided to follow through with it.

I will report back how it’s going.

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