Will there be a MNT Discord presence?

There’s a Developer-Ecosystem Discord server that contains a large number of ARM platform channels (as an example, the Solidrun Honeycomb is semi-supported through the Solidrun channel there). Will MNT be doing an MNT community discord there?

No, we prefer open platforms. Anyone is free to chat about MNT Reform on Discord, of course, but there won’t be an official presence.


My biggest worry would be response time, but as exemplified here, that doesn’t seem like it’ll be a problem.

Also, this Discourse forum here will work better as a searchable knowledge base, so you won’t have to dig through endless chat logs to find relevant information.

If you just want to chat though, there is also #reform on irc.libera.chat.


For finding answers to questions quickly, I found this to work nicely as well:

wget --recursive --no-parent https://mntre.com/reform-irc-logs/

And then grep those log files to find what you’re looking for.