WLE200NX can’t connect to AP

I think this is more an issue with my AP configuration (Ubiquiti AP AC Lite) but was hoping someone might have some insight.

The WLE200NX card in my Reform is unable to connect to my 2.4GHz network on channel 6, and doesn’t even see the 5GHz network on channel 40.

When attempting to connect to the 2.4GHz network via wpa_cli I get a loop of:


Similarly, when trying to connect via nmcli I get Error: Connection activation failed: (53) The Wi-Fi network could not be found.

I am able to connect to some other networks, e.g. my phone’s hotspot.


it might be a regulatory DB issue. You can try to set a different regulatory zone with iwl reg set. Alternatively, maybe the antenna is not connected well. You can also try swapping the antenna connectors.

iw reg set US did result in a change. Now I’m able to see the 5GHz network as well. However, I now get an authentication timeout loop.

I’ll see if there’s any logs I can get from the router’s end. Thanks!

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