Zz9000 and Elbox FastATA

Hi Folks, first time posting - inevitably I have questions!

Does anyone have experience using the Elbox FastATA Z3 and the ZZ9000? I cannot boot using the Elbox card and the zz9000. Oddly, the 2nd IDE channel on the card for my CD-ROM works fine. I can boot off the A4000’s internal IDE without issues also.

The ZZ9000 is working just fine.

Secondly, does anyone know where to stick the heatsink that came with the card?



So, quick update.

Firstly, the 2nd IDE Channel on the card wasnt working properly as it turns out.

Secondly, I moved the FastATA card to an alternate slot and the Elbox card started to work again - with the exception of the keyboard, which then had a continually flashing caps lock and was unresponsive.

Lastly, moved the IRQ jumpter to 2 and that resolved the keyboard issue too.

All now seems to be working - although Ive no idea why any of that was necessary. Little concerned in moving the jumper I have nerfed my use of the network card? Yet to test.

Oh, and I removed the warranty sticker thing on the ZYNQ chip and popped on the heatsink. Not sure why the sticker was in the only place you need a heatsink…?

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Good to hear it’s working now! Ethernet can totally work on the INT2 setting, you just have to set the right ENV: / ENVARC: variable (create an empty file ENVARC:ZZ9K_INT2).