ZZ9000 Color problem

I’ve been having a color issues with my ZZ9000 since I received it. The entire screen’s image has a yellow tint.

This occurs for both RTG and scan doubler modes and is the same across different kickstarts and workbenches.

For a bit more detail, I tried using the palette preferences to see in what way colors were wrong.
My guess is that something is wrong with a blue signal somewhere. Possibly missing the highest blue bit. If I adjust the blue value to half way (128/256), it appears as if it has been set to zero and any higher will be as if the value was 128 lower than it is set to. So possibly a signal line for the top bit of the blue channel is not properly connected?

I’ve tried multiple monitors and multiple HDMI cables.

If I remove the card and make sure that the daughter board is firmly in place, it sometimes will restore proper colors temporarily, but after a few minutes of use it has the problem again.

Maybe there is a loose solder joint somewhere?

Any advice on things to try?


I’m sorry that you are experiencing this problem. As you suspected, this is probably a faulty blue bit connection between the ZYNQ and the Sii HDMI encoder chip. The first place I would look for is on the connector for the ZYNQ module.

I made some relevant shots of the PCB design.

Here are the blue bits (HBx) going out of the lower ZYNQ module connector (U13). They are all on the right end of that connector.

Here are the blue bits going to the Sii chip: