ZZ9000 + firmware 1.13 + USB Support

Hi, I am happily using the ZZ9000 (I have firmware 1.13), but I couldn’t get the USB to work. I wanted to connect a regular 8GB flash drive. In the 1.12 installation package there is zzusb.device in the Extras directory, in the 1.13 installation package I don’t see anything like that. Can I use the zzusb.device from the 1.12 package? Or is there some other way to get the USB to work with 1.13?

  • Amiga model: Amiga 4000D
  • 680x0 CPU: 68060
  • RAM Configuration: 128MB
  • Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions: 47.111 (Kickstart), (Workbench)
  • ZZ9000 Firmware version: 1.13
  • ZZ9000 Driver version: 1.13
  • Monitor model: DELL S2721QS
  • Other Zorro cards: No other cards

I have it working on my A2000. On 1.13, the driver is in the ZZ9000 firmware. Use HDToolbox and in the icon information tab, select zzusb.device. Use it like a FFS hard drive.

Thanks for the information, Alan. I had intended to connect a FAT32 flash drive to copy data to my amiga (e.g. before I set up a network) from Windows.
I found out that the mountdos zzusb.device fat95 mount command works even with firmware 1.13, and having zzusb.device in the firmware will only make it easier to use. I tried a couple of flash drives with FAT32, one didn’t work, returning a Device IO-error $1E. The one that didn’t work was 8GB in size. The others I tested are 4GB, 8GB and 32GB. All of them are formatted to FAT32 and work.
Thanks for your help, Alan. Just for interest I am attaching screenshots.

Here is a screengrab how it behaves, when I attach unsupported flash disk.

where are you getting ‘mountdos’ from? It isn’t on my OS 3.2.x installation that I can find?

Hi codepoet,

you need to download it from aminet as it is mentioned in the ZZ9000 manual.
Note that the manual still lists the old usb activation method (mountdos ZZ9000USBStorage.device fat95 mount), which no longer works, you need to enter the new command mountdos zzusb.device fat95 mount. Don’t forget to install fat95 as well. Fat95 is also on aminet.