ZZ9000 firmware 1.9 on A2000 NTSC System - bug report

Hi Lukas, Bnu and team.


A2000 (NTSC), 2 meg chip (megachip), Vampire 500 v2+, Buddha IDE, OS 3.2 (ROM chip not really required because of vampire but it’s there).

The 1.9 firmware would not work for me - specifically, no P96 display would be visible, unless the nodma zz9000.card file was used. After which, the screen drawing is very very slow, pretty much making the system unusable.

No further attempt was made to test the usb or internet port.

I didn’t check all the native modes. NTSC hires laced did not work. Other modes did.


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Lukas and team,

I have tried the new 1.9.1 update. I have reported my issues to Lukas via email.


  1. The native NTSC high res laced mode is working
  2. The screen drawing speed is still very slow
  3. The display turns on and off for a native screen mode while using some applications.


One more observation (found by accident today):

With FW 1.9, Zorro ram cards cause my system to stop working - sometimes booting to a green screen. This wasn’t a problem with 1.8.