ZZ9000 Scandoubler Issue

My scandoubler is not running with the update of 1.11 any ideas by scanboubler I mean the little card that comes with the zz9000

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Make that mine too had to go back to 1.9 firmware. my spec is A4000 with cyberstorm Mk2 060 rev 6 128mb ram plus 16mb on the motherboard kick start is 3.2 os 3.2.1 I had the 1.11 firmware and drivers installed other card is the Elbox IDE Monitor 34" Ultra wide screet AOC.

OK now done a little more turns out my AX has not been working right it is clicking alot with the sound and it seems when enabled in AHI wont let games load. I have had to come off version 1.11 as it does not like running games on my machine