ZZ9000 video modes

Greetings All,
I’m having no luck displaying ZZ9000 display modes. The NIC works great using Miami Deluxe and IBrowse.

Amiga 2000HD
2630 Bigram 112mb
Amiga OS 3.2
Monitor: Benq BL702a
Picasso96 2.0 from aminet.net installed.

I realize that the BL702A is a 15/24/31 monitor so i don’t have expectations the monitor works in higher frequency modes of the ZZ9000 through the rgb video port. I’ve tried using hdmi to a tv as I do not have an hdmi capable computer monitor. Well the tv is blank and does not detect a signal when I test modes. Dumb question, do I need an actual hdmi capable computer monitor without having the BL702A plugged in the rgb port or can you have a dual monitor setup? Thanks for any suggestions

ZZ9000 video HDMI output is actually a DVI signal just using the HDMI connector which means it’s not quite HDMI compliant. You should have HDMI compliant monitor as it provides display of new ZZ9000 video modes and even support scandoubling/flickerfixing Amiga RGB analog output. No need for dual monitor setup.

Thanks for the information Edge. On the premise you stated that it is a DVI signal, I am ordering an hdmi to dvi cable for a monitor that i currently own. Hopefully the signal will carry to that monitor instead of having to procure an hdmi compliant monitor.

Please report here how that went once you get the cable.

The hdmi to vdi cable works great. I can now switch to any ZZ9000 video mode and have OCS/ECS video pass-thru.

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