ZZ9000AX Strange issues

  • Amiga model: 3000T
  • 680x0 CPU: 68060 Cyberstorm MKII
  • RAM Configuration: 32+256
  • Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions: 3.2-3.2.1
  • ZZ9000 Firmware version:1.12.1
  • ZZ9000 Driver version:1.12
  • Monitor model:
  • Other Zorro cards:Xsurf100, AD516, PAR, TBCIV

I had MP3 playing working great with both the AXMP3 tool and AmigaAMP using MHI hardware decoding. Then both stopped working. I can’t figure out what caused this. I even did a fresh OS 3.2 install and only put zz9000 install along with AHI and still I get the same non functioning problem. I think how it fails may provide some clues so I will describe here:
When I use AXMP3 to play an MP3 it visually appears to work. On AXMP3 it displays the decoding lines in the shell (several of them) all the way till the end of the file and then prints the message about pressing CRTL C to quit. There is no crashing or error code. However what I hear is a an initial quick moment of white noise and then nothing. Then individual pixels placed in a diagonal line across my monitor appear and begin marching down the monitor like the old school space invaders game. Doing a “redraw all” on workbench does not clear them. If I do a three finger “soft” reboot of the Amiga at this point when it reboots I no longer have a high res RTG screen either. It only passes through the amiga screen resolution. If I then do a “hard” reset of the computer I get my high res RTG screen mode back and everything is working fine so long as I don’t try to play an MP3 file.
If I use a AmigaAmp with MHI it loads the MP3 file but when I click play it will not play the file. Besides the obvious no sound it also does not advance the seconds visually in the program confirming it is not playing the file.
I believe I am using the latest firmware and driver indicated above and as I mentioned this exact hardware configuration and presumably the same software configuration were working fine for like a month. I had to assume I had installed something that messed something up, which is why I went through the paces of reinstalling the whole operating system and ZZ9000 and AHI software and nothing else but still it is not working.
As you can imagine I am very confused about what has happened why it is working.
I should add that the ZZTOP tool does show that everything is present and working properly, and the Paula pass through on the AX module is also working fine.
I have posted this issue on the FB enthusiast page without any revelations… I am super hopeful to get this solved here.
Thank you!


Sorry about the issues! First of all, don’t use axmp3 at the moment, because it is incompatible with the latest mp3 enhancements and still need to be fixed (hopefully next week). So using that can put your computer in an unstable state.

Next, can you first test if AHI works for you at all, i.e. without MHI decoding?

Hi, Thanks for the reply!
I tested the use of AHI using a couple of different programs and they all seem be working great. I even tested AHI through AmigaAMP and it seems to be working great there as well.
Let me know if there is anything else I can test. Thanks again for the support!

I too have the same problem when using MHI.


It seems to be working for others with what appears to be very similar configurations. I am really stumped at what could be causing the issue.
Failure on a fresh OS install really has me confused. :slight_smile:

I’ll update axmp3 very soon, that will help diagnosing the problem.

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An important update: MHI decoding through AmigaAmp is now working perfectly again with the release of AmigaAmp 3.33
So now we know MHI and the AX module are working fine. The only incompatibility left is the AXMP3 tool, but that is as you said a known issue.

I confirm.
Thank for the info.