ZZ9000AZ AmigaAMP error: "need mhizz9000.library" but it's installed

Hi all, Merry Christmas.

I’m trying to get AmigaAMP3 playing MP3s on a friend’s machine.

I have an A4000 with ZZ9000 and the AX audio board. I’m using AmigaAMP 3.31, AHI 4.18 and the 1.12.1 firmware and drivers - it works fine. Can play MP3s no problem.

On my friends machine I’m looking at it’s an A3000, AmigaAMP 3.33 as I just downloaded it today. AHI 4.81, 1.12.1 firmware and drivers. Essentially, almost identical to my A4000 apart from a slightly newer AmigaAMP.

Problem: On loading AmigaAMP, I get the error “need mhizz9000.library”

This file is in libs:mhi and it’s correctly specified in AmigaAMP prefs. AHI prefs can see the AX board. I loaded SnoopDOS and it shows it reading libs:mhi/mhizz9000.library OK without errors, but still this error message. Help!

Do you eventually have to add the mhizz9000.device to the env variable of MHI instead of adding it directly?