Adding LTE Modem and other USB devices

How’s the sound with the Pocket speakers? The ones on my MNT are pretty quiet and tinny compared to what I’m used to, so I’m very interested in anything that might improve that.

They are still laptop speakers, so for any more serious audio I’m still using headphones. But my goal was not quality but loudness and they are noticeably louder than the speakers the reform uses by default. I essentially attempted to replicate Lukas’ setup here:

I wrote more about my setup and its differences to what Lukas had here:

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I’ve just completed the same mod you did. The sound quality is, as expected, not great, but it is a lot louder! I think this will work for watching movies. It was a struggle to hear quieter dialogue on the stock speakers.

This has got me thinking, though. This speaker seems like it might fit under the overhang I’m already taking advantage of for my wifi antenna mod. I could work a grille into it and maybe get even better results, with less space taken up internally.

I’ll post a new thread if/when I get around to trying that idea.


I dont actually own a MNT laptop to test this but combined wifi & wwan cards do exist despite their rarity. A combined card like the “EC20 + FC20” plus an adapter board to add a sim slot seems like it could work.

The two products linked below may allow for a more out of the box solution than what OP originally did.

I get a “sorry, page cannot be found” on both of your links.

I would try this out, had i still the imx8mq. Unfortunately, I upgraded to A311D and thus my minipcie slot is occupied by my NVMe SSD. Maybe somebody else with an imx8mq can try out these cards?

Hmm, what country are you located in? Maybe use just the item/____ section of the link added onto your local aliexpress site.
Or just search for “EC20 + FC20 mini pcie” and “mini pcie sim slot extension”

It has an interesting form factor! :smiley:


The modem is a Quectel EC20 which supposedly also has GNSS on board. The Pocket Reform also seems to come from Quectel, namely the EM06.

Looking at the pin-out of the “EC20 + FC20 mini pcie” module, it seems to connect just via USB. So both wifi as well as the lte modem are connected via USB. The only other used pins are for the SIM card.

At least I don’t feel so bad that my own UMTS modem is also only connected via USB. :smiley:

the vast majority of them are. Even the M.2 cards generally use the usb pins in the connector rather than the pcie.