Big NVME: pipe dream or realistic?

I am currently debating with myself whether I can make the Reform finally be “that laptop that allowed me to stop carrying ridiculous numbers of external drives.”
I’m looking at some NVME drives on the webs, and buying a 4TB drive seems feasible. Of course, these are all geared towards high-throughput scenarios, but I’d rather want them for things like my photo collection * (1.2TB and growing…) so rather slow-moving data. Frankly I’d be okay with an HDD for this or a SATA SSD, but NVME it is, so I’m cool with that.

Now, the biggest drive I see in the Confirmed Working NVME Drives thread is 2TB. But I looked at the PCIe wikipedia page and such, and I don’t see a fundamental reason why bigger ones shouldn’t work. Is there anything I’m missing?
I realize there are compatibility issues somehow sometimes, hence the other thread. But quirks aside, is there a reason why the Reform couldn’t handle for example a Western Digital WD_BLACK SN750 4TB?

* Yes, I am aware that an SSD might not be an appropriate place for something like a photo collection, but I do make backups to spinning rust and other places, and so I’m okay with the residual risk.

I don’t see why that drive wouldn’t work, people use the other WD Black SN750’s in other ARM based laptops like the Pinebook Pro without issues Pinebook Pro Hardware Accessory Compatibility - PINE64

The larger size isn’t going to be an issue, the only thing could be some compatibility if they dramatically changed the controller recently or such. Do keep in mind you’ll likely only getting a transfer rate in the 200-400MB/s range so a bit on the “slow end” for that much storage, more like a SATA SSD.

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