Confirmed Working NVME Drives

Hi, I was wondering if we could build up a list of nvme drives that are confirmed working with the MNT Reform currently? I remember seeing in an earlier thread that the Samsung 970 Evo was not working (which is a shame as that was my first pick, or the newly released and cheaper 980). But I’m wondering which drives people have paired so far with their DIY machines, or ones without an included SSD, as well as ones that have been shipped with them.
While patiently awaiting my DIY kit to ship, I was wanting to look out for sales and such on SSDs that’ll work with it.

I have a diy kit and bought the Transcend MTE220S 1tb drive via amazon that lukas uses in reform max(according to the “parts needed to finish diy…” thread).
So far it is working flawlessly, not trouble recognizing the Hardware or anything. Haven’t put much data on it yet as I am still doing base configuration to my system whenever I have free time.

I use a Seagate FireCuda 510 2TB, because of the 2600 TBW. It works without any problems :slight_smile:

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I bought a Crucial P1 1TB NVMe SSD yesterday, which works perfectly. I am typing this on the reform after booting from SD → NVMe. Exact model is CT1000P1SSD8. I searched on the Crucial website for more info but saw that this is discontinued and replaced by the P2 which I believe will work too. This was really cheap, under 10cents/GB and Gnome Disks reports 284.7 MB/s read, 193 MB/s write.

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2TB, that’s some serious storage!

Hehe, my last daily driver had a ssd with 256 GB. Back in 2012 i thought this is big enough for all my needs… it wasn’t. So i thought it would be nice to have a little more space now on my reform x)

Never knew that series of drives has such a high rated endurance. Though it’d feel wrong to put a drive like that in an ARM laptop when my main desktop doesn’t even have something that nice (512GB 970EVO)

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