Can we have a dark theme?

It would be nice to have a dark theme for Discourse available here. It’s one of the few websites I regularly visit that is way too bright in the context of everything else begin in dark mode on my devices.
It’s pretty hard on my eyes.

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This topic came up before: Is there, or can there be a dark mode?

I tried out a browser plugin as suggested by @minute but found that they are prohibitively heavy on the CPU (on A311D Reform)…

Not just that - the site looks really bad with the plugin, and also requires access to all data on all sites you visit, which I’d rather avoid.

I’d still prefer a dark mode, but I’d rather the MNT team spend time on other stuff for now… (building and sending Pocket Reforms at least!)

Sure, it’s not super urgent. But I think there’s pretty much ready-to-use dark themes for Discourse available so it shouldn’t be a huge deal, especially if it’s a preference users can make for themselves (in Profile settings) and the default remains as it is.

OK, I looked into this and it was surprisingly easy to do, so now you can select “mntre-dark-beta” in your Preferences → Interface → Color Scheme.