Damaged battery while using Reform

It looks like I pushed by Reform a bit too far and one of the batteries now has “reverse voltage” and others were well below “critical”. I am going to see if I can revive it per Battery is not charging, but am curious how my situation happened as it was while I was using it. I was using the Reform (possibly in a very low charged state due to it being disconnected from the charger) and I was able to boot successfully, but after about a minute, the computer turned off with a “click” (which sounded like something let out magic smoke). There was no smell or smoke, so either that was the audio amplifier getting cut quickly, the battery “going reversed”, or there is some component I should be worried about…

I see there is a Protected Battery Board now available. I understand this board provides “proper” (minimal logic involved) protection for each cell.

I read that the LPC is responsible for measuring and balancing the cell voltages

It appears the LPC should shut off the SOM if there is a critical undervolt on one or more cells.

Is this critical threshold too low and possibly damaging the batteries? Is it not reacting fast enough when powered on?