Estimated shipping date

Hi there!
I recently saw the update from crowdsupply and my hyper mnt reform shipping date has been updated to July 31st.
But on the update it says you have to fullfill about 700 orders at roughly 100 per month, can I actually expect it by July 31st? Wondering if it’s the same estimated shipping date for everyone, in which case it’s probably not so accurate

Sorry for being so impatient! I haven’t tinkered with a linux laptop since my teens, so excited!!!



my estimated shipment date is Jun 28, 2024, which is different than yours. Probably they are sending the units batches by some criteria (geographically, by order placement date or whatever).

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Somewhat related: how does the shipping actually work?

What does “units are shipped to CrowdSupply” mean? Where is that geographically?

I’m mostly concerned about the carbon impact if a device ends up being shipped around the world twice while I literally live within cycling distance of where they are assembled.

I checked the status of mine, and it says “Estimated to ship: Jul 05, 2024
Originally estimated to ship: Feb 29, 2024”, but judging on the 25 units per week, I suspect mine may also be later…

I wish I could just pop across on a bicycle and pick mine up! I can’t wait!

Crowd Supply is owned by Mouser, so everything is shipped to their warehouse in Mansfield, Texas for global fulfillment, like with any component they stock.

I understand that it might be frustrating for buyers in Europe (direct shipping from Berlin would save some time/carbon) but part of the service CS provides to small creators is logistical support (i.e. shipping and regulatory compliance). Mouser helps enormously with both of those critical things.


Mine (Hyper, purple) says Jul 31, 2024. It was previously October 17, 2023

Same. Also Hyper Purple

We are planning to start shipping the first Hyper models end of next week. The first 100 handbooks print run will be done on the 12th and I was promised today that the riso prints for the posters will also be done until next week.