Finally: Rainbow battery sleeves (and another 3D printed side-panel)

Even since I saw jacqueline’s purple reform battery cells I knew I had to do something with mine. And I knew it had to be a rainbow. Unfortunately it turns out that 18650 battery sleeves are never sold in eight rainbow colors and single colors come in packs of 100. After getting ripped off by some shady China shops twice, I now finally acquired eight differently heat shrink tubes that fit 18650 batteries and voila:

Wait… how is the reform standing on its side? Glad you ask! In Adding LTE Modem and other USB devices I already showed my custom 3d-printed left-hand-side port cover (adding a hole for micro-usb and some extra elements on the inside to hold one of the other plastic board holders). Now I also 3d-printed the right-hand-side port cover and added material such that the reform can now stand on its side:

Here is are the openscad sources: carrier boards ($1) · Snippets · Snippets · GitLab

The piece is shaped such that the force of the reform’s weight presses against the acrylic bottom panel. This way, I can charge my reform without having it take up much space in our tiny flat.

While you are reading my blog, here is another photo of the youngest reform hacker I know:



more characters to get to 20 look i’m sorry it’s not constructive i just absolutely love this


gotta start them early :wink:

Amazing! I am surprised it is not too dangerous to apply heat to the batteries.

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I got inspired by this.