How to install the modem?

I have just received a Quectel EM06-E modem.

It has a M2 B mount. It fits the corresponding mount on the Pocket Reform, located behind the screen.

First I will need to find a screw that fits well and locks it in place.

Then I wonder about the antennas. On other models of modems that I have installed (mostly on Thinkpads), there usually are antennas pre-installed into the laptop case that can be plugged into the modem.

I can’t find any in the Pocket Reform.
Am I missing something or should I get some additional antennas ?

Regarding software, I have installed modemmanager and I have followed the FCC unlock procedure as stated here

But systemctl status ModemManager says registration in network failed: Operation was cancelled.

Does anyone know if this modem needs to be initialized first ?


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@minute sorry to ping you directly. I understand you successfully installed the modem. Do you have any hint or guidance regarding the above ? Thanks !


the “FCC lock” situation does not apply to MNT Pocket Reform as there is no such vendor locking in place, you can use any modem card you please as long as its compatible.

  • You have the EM06-E so I presume you are in a European country?
  • Do you have a SIM card inserted from an operator that supports data?
  • Do you have an LTE antenna connected to the “M” antenna connector? The antenna needs to be either stuck to the non-copper part of the inside of the back plate (the signals would be shielded by the copper region) or led outside via a pigtail etc (only if you know what you’re doing).
  • In ModemManager GUI (apt install modem-manager-gui), do you see any networks when scanning? Do you see useful information under the “Info” tab?

I just set up the EM06-E again on my relatively fresh Pocket Reform install with A311D processor. I used “Edit Connections…” in the tray menu of the network manager applet and selected Create New → Mobile Broadband Connection, and then selected Germany, Congstar and entered my PIN in the connection edit window that appears at the end:


Thanks for your help.

I’ll start with getting an LTE antenna and report when I try it.

The network registration issue appears to mean “no reception”. It registers with the LTE antenna.

Thanks for your help.

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@zero where did you get your EM06-E card?
There seems to be no german vendor, who has one in stock at the moment.

I got it from AliExpress.

Couldn’t find it anywhere else.

I also got a few from AliExpress and they worked fine.

@minute Where did you get your LTE antennas ?

The ones I got get bad reception if placed inside the Pocket Reform (outside the copper area, anywhere inside).
For the moment I placed mine outside, on top of the screen. It gets a good signal. But it looks very suspicious. I’d rather have it inside.

I don’t have a perfect solution yet. I’ve been trying a bunch of different ones. The one that Khadas bundles with EM06 was quite good. At the moment I’m using a Quectel one that’s not so good. I think I’m gonna use an SMA pigtail with an extra hole in the left port cover and external antenna when I find the time.

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According to Quectel and a german shop, this module is EOL and thus hard to get.
The newer replacement is EM060K according to the shop. Was this module tested already? I just tested an EM120R, which did not work.

I’ve ordered an EM05-E with a couple of PCB antennas. Once it arrives I’ll update here whether it works or not. The measurements I took indicate it should fit physically & data online suggests it should work just fine under Linux. This is a 4G/LTE modem rather than 5G - that’s all I need really for reading email by the beach :sunglasses:

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