MNT Reform Gaming Thread

That is awesome. NV is one of the best Fallouts games made. It would be awesome to be able to play it on the Reform.

AFAIK, the Godot game engine is fairly low in terms of demands on hardware; has anyone tested it yet with Reform? It would be very cool to be able to not only play but also develop games on MNT Reform / Reform Pocket!


I’ve installed Box64 on my Reform with A311D (I also made an ebuild for it - if I don’t forget, I’ll post it later). I tried a couple of games, with varying success. It seems Unreal Engine games (I tried Valhalla Hills) need OpenGL features not available with Panfrost and only render black except for the UI, and some Unity games (I tried Parkitect) crash.

However, what seems to be running nicely is the GoG version of Loop Hero, and the Humble Bundle version of World of Goo.

Loop Hero got a bit confused and thought the trackball is both, a mouse and a gamepad, but pressing F8 caused it to behave nicely.

In addition to the emulated stuff, I have been playing some OpenTTD, and am looking forward to continue my savegame on the weekend.

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As promised, the Box64 ebuild (app-emulation/box64/box64-0.2.6.ebuild):


inherit cmake

DESCRIPTION="Box64 AMD64 emulator for ARM"

src_configure() {
	local mycmakeargs=(
		-D ARM_DYNAREC=$(usex dynarec)
	if [[ ${PV} != 9999* ]]; then
		mycmakeargs+=( -DNOGIT=1 )

I’m not sure if building the git version (9999) works, but version 0.2.6 works fine for me. Also, I am unsure about dependencies. It seems Box64 doesn’t have any beyond cmake.

I also just installed “Cook, Serve, Delicious 2”, and it seems to be running fine with Box64 as well.


I got reminded that CorsixTH exists, and installed it on the weekend. Works like a charm on the Reform.

The biggest challenge was to unpack the Theme Hospital game files from the GoG download, as they only offer a Windows .exe installer and a package file for Apple. Luckily, the Apple pkg can be decompressed with a combination of 7z and cpio…


Hey guys, I could really use some help in trying to get Fallout 1 to work. I’ve installed the multiarch armhf package as well as box86. But from here I’m kinda lost. This stuff seems kinda advanced to me and its got be a bit intimidated.

If you have the original game isos, you could possibly install it via Dosbox, sort of like you would have played it originally.

I was unaware there was an OSS engine for Fallout 1.


There probably isn’t one. Tbh I didn’t even consider the concept before I jumped into this. lol, happy to be learning though!

I did a play through of fallout on my reform using the community edition. Just download, compile, use innoextract to get the files out of your .exe and paste them into the right folder.

There’s one for fallout 2 as well

2 Likes sells the original DOS game, and without DRM.

Thanks for mentioning that tool! As I said a few posts further up, I had struggled quite a bit to get Theme Hospital unpacked… Innoextract makes unpacking games from GoG a lot less painful.