Reform shipping updates?

I’ve hesitated to be “that person,” but I’m in suspense here: any ideas when the kits might start going out? Really looking forward to digging in to this platform! :smiley:


Hi, I have timeline update drafts in my head for at least a week now and haven’t published anything substantial because things are very much in flux. However I can tell you that we have sorted out all aspects of fulfilling EU orders and we have started building the first 25 MNT Reform Max / assembled units. We are still adjusting our assembly process while doing this until we ramp up to around 10 devices per day. We have all electronics and mechanical parts for 450 units here, but not yet all case parts, which come in batches so we can still adjust in case of minor problems, and not to overwhelm our storage.

For the DIY kits we still have to finish the assembly instructions, which will be completed next week. We have figured out and decided how to package it, though. The DIY kit was actually a bit more prep work than the assembled units because of the subassemblies and deciding what to preassemble and what is OK for the end user to assemble easily. We want to make sure that it will be as frustration free as possible.

The system software is now in good shape with all major bugs ironed out, and it includes a palette of applications and games to try, and three desktops (sway, GNOME3 and WindowMaker). The only thing not working at the moment is the 16GB eMMC flash because of a kernel bug. I will decide until the end of the week if I can fix it before shipping the first units or if this will be an update. One great thing that made it in in the last minute is support for dual display (internal LCD + external HDMI).

When you will receive your device depends on when you ordered, as we are fulfilling in chronological order. We are starting with EU orders that where placed in the crowd funding period first, and then we will send several bulk batches to Crowd Supply who will fulfill the non-EU orders and also the EU orders that were placed after the crowdfunding date.

That said, I would love to get the first EU devices out the door next week. I’m still waiting for the customer/order list from Crowd Supply, though.


Thanks for the update! Now I can stop obsessively refreshing your Mastodon feed. :smiley:

why would you? there are some really nice doggy pictures there too :dog:


@hex I’m sure you’re not alone. I for one am dying to get my hands on this hardware. I missed the crowdfunding, so I’ll have to wait a little longer, but the roadmap :point_up_2: sounds super encouraging!
@mntmn I’m actually interested in what the whole logistics part entails; it’s right up there with the building of the things for me. Looking forward to following along from afar. :slight_smile: The only thing I’m afraid of with this short timeline is that once all the units are shipped there might be fewer dog-slash-veggieburger-slash-alsosomeelectronics tweets/pics to see. :see_no_evil:

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You probably got an email yesterday with the latest update from Crowd Supply asking to confirm addresses. This is so that we can get the information to start fulfilling the first orders.


I just posted this more detailed update: MNT Reform March 2021 Production Update — MNT Research


As of today, we have shipped out the first 25 MNT Reforms. These all go to EU crowdfunding backers. We expect to ship the first batch of units for US and other non-EU orders to Crowd Supply in 3-4 weeks.


@mntmn In this instance does the UK fall into the “EU” group or “non-EU” group in terms of shipping priority?

UK orders are not listed in our EU fulfillment table, so they will be fulfilled by Crowd Supply.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Any news about shipping outside EU?


Hi, we’ll ship the last EU devices beginning of next week and then start with non-EU devices. Today, another 25 are going out.


I have noticed that the assembled version of the MNT Reform is since some time available (in addition to crowdsupply) in the webshop at
(with expected delivery in July it seems).
What are the plans for adding the DIY Reform kit in the MNT webshop? I do realise these must be quite busy times for the MNT team, keep up the good work!


Any news? Still no new info about shipment date.

Hi, I have written an update for Crowd Supply near the end of last week. I’m just waiting for it to be published.

Sorry to be that guy, but do EU backers get a shipping tracking code when the package is on the way?

There’s no hurry, it’s just to ensure that someone is in the office the day the package arrives.

Yes, and I’ve uploaded the last EU codes at the beginning of the week! Probably someone at CS didn’t push the button. We have already sent out all EU crowdfunding units. If you DM me your order number I can dig up your tracking code.


CS has finally clicked the button (btw what is the point of this pre-moderation? They don’t trust their clients?)

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