Small mark on screen

I have a small mark on my Reform screen. It’s located in the centre horizontally and about 5.5 cm from the top of the case vertically. At first I thought that it was some dirt, but I haven’t been able to remove it and I don’t think that it is. I mention the location because it corresponds with the centre of the trackball and I’m wondering if it’s possible that the mark has been made by the trackball.

Does anyone else have a similarly located mark on their screen?

And would anyone have suggestions on how I might check if the trackball touches the screen when the case is closed?

Thanks very much.

I’ve had a close look at mine - cleaned the dust off the screen and everything - and I can’t see any marks. That said, mine spends most of its time on a desk - meaning there’s not much opportunity for anything to get squeezed in transit and push the two halves together.

As for testing whether the trackball makes contact, your best bet is probably to put a little splash of something like glasses cleaner on the top of the trackball then close the screen; open it again, and if there’s a wet patch on the screen you know they’re touching. (Then, of course, you can safely wipe it off both the trackball and the screen with a soft cloth!)

Actually, tell a lie, there is something exactly 5.5cm down from the top of the case in the middle. It’s very, very small, but it’s there - like a spot where the anti-glare coating has worn down. The ball does sit proud of the rest of the trackball housing, so it’s entirely possible that’s what’s doing it - and I just hadn’t noticed it before.

Now you have me worried, I think this might be related to my trackball mod pushing the ball slightly too high as now I’m seeing it too. Do you have one the newest reforms that has the ball bearings in the trackball?

EDIT: Just tested my own here, I wet the center of a microfibre cloth with some screen cleaning fluid and put that right over the trackball. Closing down the lid showed the liquid transferred to the screen. So at very least the ball is very close, and given there’s some vertical play this could be related.

I’m going to revert back to the old stock trackball and see if this persists. I thought though I kept the height the same.

I don’t know about OP, but I’m running the original trackball - without the ball-bearings. I got the pre-assembled Max, too, so it’s factory-standard - no chance I messed up installation!

I also have the Reform Max with the original trackball, without the ball bearings.

still waiting on my reform, but with other laptops i usually insert a thin piece of foam between the keyboard and screen when carrying in a backpack – just like what ships with many units from the manfacturer.

Yeah, I also see a small wear mark on my screen where the trackball is. Using the ball bearing mod with 1.5mm bearings, FWIW. Not noticeable unless I’m really looking for it, under the right light and at the right angle. Less noticeable than the usual crap that tends to accumulate on my screens, but it’s definitely there.

I’ve also noticed that the trackball housing screws seem to be pressing against the acrylic a bit, but that may be due to my having replaced one of the stock screws (which I stripped while installing the bearing mod) with one I had on hand.

I wonder if mounting the sensor board at an angle to the cup (i.e., moving the cutout maybe 30 to 45 degrees off of center) might not allow the trackball to sit a millimeter lower while also yielding a bit more clearance under the cup to better facilitate screws with thicker heads?

I can confirm that I see a tiny spot on my personal laptop that probably results from contact of the ball with the display in certain situations. I had not noticed it before. We will improve this in future revisions of the components.