Upgrade to USB Type-C?

Hello everybody,
in the future it will be the new USB-C standard, if it is possible in the future to convert the connections to USB-C or an upgrade to that effect is planned.
I find it very convenient to use just one cable for everything.

What do you think? Or is it absolutely unnecessary? would require a motherboard change to force?

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I disagree with this idea. 99% of the equipment I already have is USB-A and that won’t be changing any time soon.

I think we’re going to be in a world of dongles for a while. My wife uses MacBooks, so I already have a bunch of USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A dongles around the house. It’s not ideal, but easier than replacing the motherboard.

In the US you can get 2 adapters for about $10. I’m not sure the cost in Europe though. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079LYHNSR/

Sorry for resurrecting old thread.
For me, advantage of USB-C is ability to use 1 cable to transfer data, video, and power to/from device. I don’t know however how much (re-)work of motherboard would it require, and how would it influence existing ports - HDMI, Ethernet, and ability to exchange CPU boards.

I like the current situation - ability to power Reform with 9-32V (see discussion about using adapters to power Reform from USB-C PD), and HDMI which is (at least currently) more popular in monitors.

I have Purism Librem 13 laptop which has one simple USB-C port (only data, with neither power nor video) and I’m not using it often. Of course if there would be new motherboard USB-C port providing full-functionality (data, video, and power), I would be all for it. But as far as only adding data port - IMO it’s not worth the effort.

We’re trying the USB-C approach with Pocket Reform, and if it works out well, we might migrate the work to a new Reform model.

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I prefer to keep power and data completely separate. I seriously dislike the fact that combining them provides potential attack vectors on the power connection, which in the case of USB-PD, is extremely difficult to mitigate.

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