Will we be able to USB power mnt reform?

Would it be possible to convert a USB power supply to power the Reform?

I have a USB wall plug adapter I use with a USBC cable to power my Pinebook Pro and GPD Pocket 2, and my hope is to be able to use it with the Reform as opposed to a big power brick.

I know that pine64 have an adapter to go from USB to a barrel connector:

So I’m thinking something like that could exist for the Reform?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m a programmer not a hardware person ;).
I’m excited for my crowd supply order to be sent soon tho!

This cable will not work. But a USB-C PD (power delivery) to barrel jack adapter should work. The barrel jack plug should be sized with 2.1mm (inner) x 5.5mm (outer) diameters, with positive inner contact.

Something like this should work but i have not tried it yet: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Cablecc-Emulator-Trigger-Charging-Laptop/dp/B07PBG4GY6


Awesome thanks for the info. I’ll have a look around for one matching that and i’ll report back when my max arrives!

Great question. I have been looking at the pine power supplies as well, so I can use one power brick for laptop, phone, tablet etc.
Innergie uses the same reference design(but pine64 probably is more safe in a freedom kinda way) and has a multi adapter cable with different barrel to USB adapters.
Might this work?

Yeah, if it requires usb-c, I wondered if you plan to make an adapter so it can be plugged into a usb slot to get recharged. Or at the bare minimum have an adapter, or a plug of some sort. I have what you may call an interesting power bank which I wanted to charge whatever arm laptop or in the case of your newer project, the frankenstein one or w/e with. You may have heard of the omnicharge power bank, I have one of those. Would love to be able to charge it with that. Once the frankenstein one is out I mean and I have it in my possession, etc…

Do you have any plans for processors after the layerscape LS1028A besides, that risc-v processor? Curious I am. :wink:

I’ve recently picked up a 19V USB-C/PD to barrel jack adapter similar to the one linked by mntmn above, and have been using that with an Apple USB-C power supply to charge my Reform for the last few days to no ill effect. As far as I can tell it works great.


I bought this adapter to try it out and it works as intended with a PD USB charger. Now I can power all my laptops and almost all electronics from that one brick (not at the same time).

i bought the one linked by mntmn above and it works to power the laptop from a 65w power brick.


I bought the cable noted above by mntmn and it works flawlessly with my Ravpower 30000mAh usb-c pack. According to the maths, I should get ~12.5 hours out of it (if not more).


In an attempt to find a non-Amazon supplier, I purchased this from NewEgg:

The good news is it works great; I tested it with both the portable and the desktop power supplies from Pine64.

The bad news is it shipped from Amazon. Oh well.


I also purchcased the cable linked by @mntmn above. So far I have tested it with two separate Type-C power sources, a docking station from Lenovo and a brick from Aukey, both appear to be doing the job. :slight_smile:

Well of course!

This is an adapter that provides a barrel jack with 12 V using 5 V from the USB port. Since USB is limited to 2 A maximum, charging is very slow but it will work whenever you have access to a USB charger.

Oh you are talking about USB C – never mind then. :wink: