USB sound device available with ALSA but not pulseaudio

When plugging in a USB headset which provides an input device and an audio device, I can select and control its volume via alsamixer but pulseaudio does not recognize it as an available audio sink.

After restarting the service with systemctl --user restart pulseaudio.service, the log reads:

Failed to load module "module-alsa-card"

Has anyone else seen this?

I have not seen this exact error, but there is some trouble with secondary sound cards which is I think caused by the custom pulseaudio profile I made for Reform. It was necessary to support the setup of mono input and stereo output of the internal WM8960. Maybe disabling these changes can help: reform2-imx8mq/template-etc/pulse · main · Reform / reform-system-image · GitLab

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@ckeen You may need to adjust the aforementioned custom profile like I did for the Creative BT-W2, see here —› Hardware compatibility: Bluetooth - #2 by matthias


yes, this has helped me. Also I am using the same dongle on my OpenBSD machines.