ZZ9000 + A3660 Experience

Hiya all!

  • Amiga model: A4000D
  • 680x0 CPU: 68040
  • RAM Configuration: 2Mb Chip, 16Mb on-board, 256 via ZZ
  • Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions: 3.2 (planing to upgrade to 3.2.1 asap)
  • ZZ9000 Firmware version: 1.11
  • ZZ9000 Driver version: 1.11
  • Monitor model: NEC Multisync LCD 1830
  • Other Zorro cards: FastATA + ZZAX

Before I sink money on A3660 (60Mhz) Rev 1.1 on amigastore eu can anyone share their experience on combination of A3660 and ZZ9000? Accelerator will be the last big purchase I have in plan for my system and I don’t want to regret it later. I’ve been looking through this forum (and others) and noticed that people have issues with this combo, or this is sorted out with 1.11 drivers? Any thought or suggestions on this, please?

One more question: I’ve noticed that my current system will be still unstable when using un-archivers, MUI UnArc (sort of stable, using MUI 5) and some others (can’t remember the names atm) and will guru randomly. Only stable option is to archive/un-archive via DOpus 4.17. I’ve tried Avalanche 1.6 (released on Aminet recently) and it will crash the system (lock-up and reboot, no guru) as soon as I start the program. Is anyone with ZZ9000 experiencing the same?

Thank you!

I have 3x ZZ9000’s from the first batch and running KS321 & OS321. A3000 & A4000 have ZZ9000’s and A3660 Rev5 060 running @66MHz & they will run all day no issues. The A4000 is almost the same spec as yours fastATA and also has the Bigram+ from icomp so 16mb on the motherboard + 256MB ZZ9000 + 256MB. Currently running FW & SW V1.9 the only bugs I have is on cold start, have to do the ctrl+A+A for the ZZ card to init before the systen and I get a guru on both A3000 & A4000 but I hit the LMB to click through and continue booting. Maybe 1.11 fixes that. As for unarc issue there are none here at all using command line unarc or other gui based programs. I’m using 128GB Sandisk SD cards here on all my Amigas and PFS instead of FFS.

Hope that helps.

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I have been using for about a month a ZZ9000 rev.3 mounted on my A4000TX by Hese and 112Mb of Ram and A3660 rel 3.1. The operating system is 3.2.1, the Kickstart is 3.2.1 and the Picasso96 drivers 2.xx. The firmware is 1.11.
Everything is stable and everything works fine: video, lan and usb.
I have only one problem: the ZZ9000’s zorro ram sometimes needs a reboot (CTRL-A-A) to be seen by the system. But I must say that I am satisfied with the purchase, and I have already ordered a ZZ9000AX too :wink:

My A3660 was runnig at 60 MHZ too. But when I put ZZ9000 in, I had to change oscilator back to 50 MHZ. Without ram extension, there was no problem with zz9000. But when I got installed ram on a3660, with zz9000 amiga did not see it, only ram zz9000. I was trying all software versions from 1.8 to 1.1. All the same. Without zz9000 there was no problem with ram on a3660.
So, I have fitted mediator to my a4k. But a3660 is not supporting DMA and pci cards don’t work.
At this moment I have replaced zz9000 with cv64/3d.
I have o get rid of a3660 and zz9000 and buy a cyberstorm MK III or PPC.

Thank you all for your replies, it helps tremendously!


I had the same issue on cold/warm start (guru on boot with 1.9.1 driver/firmware) but this was resolved with 1.11 combo. I really appreciate you confirming no issues with archivers, so this is something on my side, and I will have to look into this. For the A3660 drivers, are they available for AOS 3.2.1? Thank you!


I can confirm that I have the same issue with 1.11 where ZZ9000 memory is not seen by the system (every time) and needs soft reboot. Probably ZZ9000 is not initializing fast enough? Hopefully this will be fixed in next driver/firmware version. The image of your Amiga interior looks gorgeous (heh, such a weird thing to say), super clean with awesome cable management! I totally approve!


I am sorry to hear about your troubles! The A3660 that you have, is that 50Mhz version that you clocked to 60Mhz? I was also under the impression that A3660 can’t accept memory expansions, but then you might have different PCB version? Please let me know! I am looking at PCB designed by John Chucky Hertell. If the memory recognition was a problem, I am not planning to add more, I am happy with the current state and it satisfies my needs.

Thank you all again!

MMU Libs is on the OS3.2 media or for the latest available from Aminet

Just run the installer with next next next etc, it does not take up much space and will put the 680xx.libraries and mmu.library in your Libs: drawer.

You can also speed up your system by using the MUFastrom which will copy your KickStart roms into fastram which the installer usually places in SYS:MUTools drawer.


Got it, thank you sir!

My A3660 is rev 1.1 and I clocked it to 60 MHz by changing oscilator. The card runs only with ROM 3.2, which is another disadvantage for me.

Thank you @Mokry , I appreciate your response!


My experience has been good, mostly. I have a slight issue when using installer, but no other issues so far.

My set up is an A4000TX with A3660 rev 1.2 with speedGeek chipset. More details of the issue and my system can be found here

Thank you @Chewie, I just ordered the accelerator, but will not install it before I replace the PSU. After this is completed, will post back here with results. The issue you are experiencing is indeed a strange one and I did not see it before, while I was running and not with the 3.2. I hate to suggest this, but maybe clean install will help? When you install something, I guess you switch screen to native Amiga mode and then back again, or maybe have to do something with the A4000TX board, just a wild stab in the dark here.